The Game

          A man who needs no introduction, The Game from Compton, California has built a SoCal legacy and that legacy continues with Trees By Game. The Rap icon known for bringing West Coast style to the scene, is now bringing that style to the cannabis industry. Each Trees By Game product is tested and certified by Game himself, meaning you never smoke anything he wouldn’t . Get ready to experience cannabis as powerful as the very lyrics he speaks.



The Cannabis


Game certified cannabis, but what does that mean?
It means you are consuming a premium product that has been curated by Game and his team.
It means you get a farm to bowl experience every single time you smoke a Trees By Game product.
It means 100% indoor grown strains, where we are able to control all aspects of how our cannabis is grown, from physical conditions like humidity, air flow, temperature, and specific grow lighting schedule.
It means grow, harvest, packaging, and distribution processes have been streamlined as one vertically integrated organization, which ensures only the highest possible quality of products reach you.
It means we are changing the game with THC levels typically testing at 24-35%