Premium Flower

Trees By Game presents our absolute top-of-the line Premium Jars. With each jar containing 3.5g of 100% Indoor Flower from our State-of-the-Art grow facility, TBG Premium Jars contain the most potent, fragrant, and flavorful cannabis available anywhere in California. Nothing that The Game himself wouldn't personally smoke ever makes it into a Premium Jar


Blunt Weed

Trees by game is offering Blunt Weed Bags that are always fresh, more importantly, always Game certified. Every Blunt Weed Bag is filled with 3.5 grams of your favorite all California, all indoor grown flower. It’s premium, and it’s perfect for almost any scenario whether you’re winding down, or just getting on with your day. Up your game with Trees By Game Blunt Weed Bags, and smoke the very cannabis The Game himself smokes.


Up, up, and away. Let Trees By Game take you to the next level with a pre-roll worthy of a standing ovation. At .75g per joint in this 6 pack, they are slightly more compact, but it’s all about quality over quantity here. You’re getting the best flower packed in a pre-roll that is Game certified to have you feeling ready to take on the day, or night.